Still dont get it.

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Still dont get it.

Post by TheAznCrosS on Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:25 pm

my other post got deleted from this forum.
but my char is still stuck.
forum admins, general gm's, and owner andrew.
the trouble i am having it's not so popular. but at least try to fix it. if its impossible to fix then notify me. now day i still dont know what happened. are you guys working on it? or thats another topic to the trash cann. no one said anything. working on something it's always cool when you do your best. but this is online gaming it does involve online interaction.
if someone delete the post like nothing happened. maybe others wouldn't read it. but then what was the point on making this forum and this help section. i got a problem. if it's fixable please do it. if it's not or if it's matter of time. let me know.
today its my 2nd day testing this server.
all i can say it's.
The game play is perfect. fight for what you want and earn what you need. that's simple.
just some troubles when we talk about gm's.
most of the gm host events. "but that's what i read on forum".
beside that everything it's cool on this server. but i just got one complain.
and thats the poor attention that GM's gives to players.
hey maybe i am just a tester or maybe i will be supporting soon. that's something that you don't know. i dont even know.
GM's on this server. unstucking players it's just simple it can be done by simple commands. but what's the real purpose on being gm in this server beside help unstucking. c'mon make it fun. so sorry if i said things which others consider out of the line or maybe behind the limit of a new user. but seriously i see 3 or 4 Gm's online. what they do: go on the game. say hi, stay away from keyboard for like 30 mins then hey guys i g2g cya.
why did you log in as gm then? to hang. if none take this game seriously i don't see a future on it. thats my opinion brother's sorry.
most of the peoples play this game 1. because of their friends. most of them play because their friends are gm. but giving a poor attention to players doesn't really help on that. think about it. you receive almost 10 maple tip notice or maybe any notice which appear in game telling to vote for the server every 12 hours. i dont know the exact amount of players of this server. but even so; even if half of the total amount of users vote for once. that's still a low amount.
and the best resource it's getting new users.
but i got scared already. if anyone can suggest me anything tell me.
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