SilencerX's GM Application

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SilencerX's GM Application

Post by SilencerX on Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:22 pm

Name: Shawn Mason- HI!

Country/timezone: Canada, Pacific Time

Have I met the requirements? Have I? Well of course I have. I'm 15 speak AMAZING ENGLISH!!!, i am everything that is stated in the requirement box. I respect EVERYONE, No arguments, Played the server for 4 weeks!!! And i am mature, at times. But trust me, I'm likable!

Do i speak proper English: YES!

How old am I: 15

Why i want to be GM: First, who doesn't?, Second, I CAN HELP!, Third, Its my life goal, when it come to MS

How can i help the server: Spread word to the people i know

If someone was hacking right in front of me, what would I do?: Be like WTF man? Jail him, Get andrew to sort him out, then, if need be, ban him

If my GM Application is not accepted, Will I quit SnailMS?: No, but i would be sad =P

Experiences?: I gm'd once before in my friends PS, before it closed, two years ago... I would need some help remembering things, so if i get accepted, plz help me with that, I'm a fast learner.

What events can I host?: Hide'n'seek, jumpquests, fashion shows (=P), true or false, PARTIES !!!!!!

How will I treat other players in the game? Including other GM's: Well, like i treat my friends, with respect

How often will I be on SnailMS? When ever i don't have homework, when I'm home, as much as i can, u might think is not that much, but for me it is, to sum it up: whenever i can =P

Why should we pick you?: Because im a funny guy, =) , It would be fun to have fashion shows and true or false, hide'n'seek momboo jumbo =)

Do You have any suggestions on how we could make the server better? (adding items into shops etc.) You could make a nice banner, stat more in the description, thats what i look for when joining a server. or else i say, forget it =P

Last words: Please and thank you. =)

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Re: SilencerX's GM Application

Post by Shinn Asuka on Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:53 pm

Haha love that your straight foward and wont tell a lie ^^ QUOTE "Why i want to be GM: First, who doesn't?, Second, I CAN HELP!, Third, Its my life goal, when it come to MS" The application seems alright. good luck
Shinn Asuka

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