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Elivod's GM App.

Post by elivod on Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:08 pm

sorry name can't be given out u can call me ELIVOD


i never been a GM but i have other experience

yes i do speak proper english

i am 17 years old

i personally love the server and i played the real maple before and i want to make this server(snailms) the best there is among others

note the type of hack and band him or ask u(Andrew) if i should band

i won't quit cause i love the sever and how it's maintained but i might play less that normal

i have a lot of experience on maple casue i played for a long time and i know where everything is in the server

i can host events that are fun and interesting specilly love a race type of events and the fast person to collect some number of something etc

as gud friend, i always talk to people getting to know them and i am always friendly talk to people that i never met lol

i would play for about 1 to 2 hours depened on how free i am may i will play more if i am free

i am a kind person and i never give up on most of the thing and i think u should pick me casue i will help make the server the best there is and i would get more people to play and make our server better

yes i have a suggestion: before the server went down the monsters used to be in a different fm all the time and it didn't cost to summon (i playedsince end of December so i know all the chages) if u could pls put in more mosnsters in the FM and make more channels to make it less laggy

thank you i hope to become a GM and help make the server a better place Razz


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