Look its so cool

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Look its so cool

Post by 065211105 on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:23 pm

This is so cool

Its a test.

**You must download the file from the site and have powerpoint to be able to see the illusion**

Stare at the silhouette of the female, which way is she turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Determine If its clockwise, your right side of the brain is smart. If its anti-clockwise, your left is smart.

Heres the site-- Remeber you need to download and have powerpoint ot be able to see what im talking about.


Heres mediafire so you won't need to sign up

mediafire.com ?d0zxot4mmzz


megaupload.com 5JAON2W7

Read This part after doing everything above^^^^^^

Which way is it turning now? if it changed directions, congradulations you may have an iq of 160. Researc done by a university was studying the usages in the sides of brains. If it changed directions, then your brains are equally smart.

14% of Americans can only see the change in direction. If you can "seemingly" change the body's direction, you have equal minds both as strong as the other.

If you can't see the change try staring at the legs.....and maybe it will change. You have just entered the other sifde of your mind.

Researchers say that it is the images embedded in your short term memory. When you blink or look away for a few seconds, the mind will continue to play the images but find out that it is not looking at the spinning figure. This cause the mind to become confused and will engage the other side of your brain which will make it look like it is spinning the other way. (I think).

Lool so cool. I can make it look like its wagging its leg and not spin, can you??

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