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~MUST READ~ Terms Of Service Empty ~MUST READ~ Terms Of Service

Post by Andrew on Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:00 pm

By registering or viewing this site, you agree to the following Terms of Service/Rules

1.) Any content found on this site may NOT be used in the court of law. By viewing the website, you agree to the following: You are not in any way related, hired or employed by Nexon America, Nexon Corporation or Wizet in any way.

2.) All images and other contents related to MapleStory (c) are owned by Nexon Corporation, if you find such materials in our website contact the admin to remove it.

3.) This website is only informative. It doesn't keep any images / files that are owned by Nexon Corporation, again if you see such things contact the admin

4.) SnailMS is a strict private community for gamers only, any other type of individual will not and can not register.

5.) SnailMS is a free service that requires no payment of anykind, this is an open service for all who registered and agreed to this licence agreement.

6.) SnailMS provides a free service but we accept DONATIONS to support our service from a user's free will, in return your effect and support towards the server we will reward the DONATOR, and only the donator one or more thank you gift(s), all DONATIONS made towards the server is non-refundable.

7.) SnailMS reserves full rights to not send out donation gifts.

8.) SnailMS is a free service we only have users, not customers.

9.) SnailMS reserves the right to remove anyone's access to the SnailMS service for any reason.

10.) Any user must respect all staff members, THREATEN, HARRASSING, CURSING, OR ANY VERBAL ASSAULT towards staff members is a top offence.

11.) Any user who were caught with any unauthorized 3rd party programs that directly/indirectly interfere with the gameplay of the server which allows the user to gain an advantage in anyway will result in a ban.

12.) SnailMS carries no responsibility of your account's security, if you give out your password, you are putting your account in jeopardy of being stolen.

13.) You obey the game rules, found on our website at the rules page, caught breaking any rule may result in any sort of penalty.

14.) In any case of any user's access being removed from the server, staff members have the right to restore or not to restore anyone's account/data of their free will.

15.) If Any Information Was Disclosed To Any Corporation / Company Or Any Entity. It Would Violate The Terms Of Service Of This Website (Which Could Result In A Lawsuit). The Information Would Have Been Obtained Illegally And Is Not Admissible In A Court Of Law.

*SnailMS reserves the right to change its Terms & Conditions at any time, for any reason, without notice


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