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My Maplestory story Empty My Maplestory story

Post by Marvel on Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:41 am

I'm going to try to recall my memorable maplestory moments before I forget (getting old).

I started with Beta. My first account was a warrior, i remember training in Henesys hunting ground, rain forest with the ribbon pigs, tricking people into jumping down to the stone golem area lol.
When original MS came out, my first world was Scania, probably because that was the only one.
My first non-beta account was a magician. I was playing during the same time Tiger, Suuushiii (something like that), NYCKnight, and Diego (a jobless character with extremely high fame). I don't really remember Curryishot...
This was before Henesys PQ, Amoria (wedding area), Orbis, Ludibrum, and all those new stuff. This was when we had to download autoclick to get into Kerning PQ. This was when I traded fame for a max level haste so I can jump to the 3rd sewage at Kerning. This was when Ch 1 Perion was the Free Market, people farmed mushmom for ilbis, red drakes for steelys, killed wild boars to get to lv 40, and those assassins with kumbi were considered good. I was there when pan-lid, yes the level 10 shield for magicians and bandits, was the new insert something really expensive and rare. I trained in Ant Tunnel I,II & III. I remember the time when a cleric's heal was actually useful because red pots were actually expensive. The time when I do damage to zombie mushrooms.

When Orbis came out, there was a whole new world to explore. I trained on Jr. kitties (forgot name), collected the horn and exchanged them. I did the quests. I went all the day down the 20 floor tower to get to El Nath (oh boy, that was a legendary time because of Zakum and I think Aqua road wasn't out yet). Before all that...getting to Orbis was a big deal. Remember Crimson Balrog? I fret at the sight AND sound of the Balrog ship (literally shit my pants every time). My cleric never made it to a high enough level such that I can heal the ambitious and courageous dragon knights (barely over lv 70, NYCKnight was one of them, oh and of course Tiger).

When Ludi came out, the economy was huge. I was there when there was a market for Glove attack scrolls, which lasted for many years even after I quit. I did the ludi quests to get the summoning sack, which summons a batch of random toy monsters. I used them all at Kerning City ch 1. I did Ludi PQ, and another PQ I think was called Ludi Maze PQ, but LMPQ is down the line I think when Carnival came out.

Around this time, the incident with Tiger and Sushi occurred. They were either hacked or the owners decided to quit, I forget. I was not the grinding type, so I decided to merch. I merched scrolls, glove attacks, stars, etc (and later chairs). I was pretty good at merching that I established a reputation of being one of the many who reached the 2.1 bil meso cap. When the Maple Trade Shop system came out, I found an even better way to make money. I made NX through the trade shop and sold NX. NX were initially sold with a rate of 1k:2mil. With an economy with lots of supply and hungry demand from merch, inflation kicked in and soon the rate was 1k:25mil-40mil.

At this time, Leafre was out. At this stage, it was considered the paragon because of something called Leech. I paid Archmages and Bishops to power level me all the way to 120. From Harps to Wyverns, Skele, etc.

I'm going to stop there because at this point, I don't really remember the small details. But basically, I joined guilds such as Mortality, LouisVuitton, and Gamble. Eventually, I met a group of influential players who are scary at the time, rich, and potentially hackers. One of them is Capcom. He's reputable to many MSers at his time. He had godlike items because he "hacked" them. I was getting closer and more intimate in his network until it became irreversible. On this one day, he hacked a GM, megaphoned it to everyone, and began banning people.

I'll update this if anything comes up. I hope most of you can relate to some things I've recalled. I.m.o, the game went down like the titanic after the Big Bang Patch and when they introduced hidden potentials of items, enhancements, and whatever they have now.  

*mic dropped
Take care

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My Maplestory story Empty Re: My Maplestory story

Post by WhiteDragonWD on Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:03 pm

LOL bro I did most of the stuff you said there, good times Very Happy
My 1st character was a warrior, and since I didn't know shit about the game, I had more DEX than STR, I think I ended up with 100 DEX and 40/50 STR before either I realised or someone told me I fk'd up my build and finally had to start over, this time with an archer Laughing I remember doing this because I thought I was missing too much and needed more acc... (Like, fk STR... I won't kill'em if I can't hit'em)
About the summoning sacks, I used them to troll newbies on Lith Harbor, right where they spawn from Maple Island (The Ship)  Twisted Evil

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My Maplestory story Empty Re: My Maplestory story

Post by Krysi on Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:03 am

This inspired me to share my story. :D

In beta I was a level 58 cleric that literally just did nothing but grind on zombie lupins all day. Apparently level 58 was "pro" back then lol. I had a lot of friends around the same level, but once beta ended they pretty much all disappeared except a few.

In official maple I was cleric again, but it didn't last long because my patience wore thin with all the assholes at the zombie maps willing to start KS wars over a map...even if you were there first, mind you. So I quit cleric and tried out assassin instead. I was probably the most broke player ever so I couldn't exactly afford stars and hunted my own. So after hunting several sets of steelys, I came to the realization that I was level 96 just from hunting stars. Soon after I got bored and stumbled upon private servers.

I hopped around different servers like FinalStory, DeathMS (there were multiple with this name), BoogieMS, CoreStory, etc. Several of which I was made staff on because I somehow always ended up being good friends with the owners even without trying...and then I found SnailMS. Never found any server like SnailMS before, loved the way it was played and the people in it so I stuck with it. I was a very active player...had tens of thousands of rebirths, had pretty much anything I could possibly ask for. Eventually became staff because I was so active on the game. Staff stuff blah blah. Then eventually SnailMS shut down after a bunch of shit. :(

So I tried global again. Absolutely mind blown by the changes, I think I literally got lost in some new town at one point because I didn't know how to get out of it so I quit again lmao.

Did some game hopping, Mabinogi, Minecraft, Grand Chase, Rusty Hearts, Pokemon World Online, Osu!, Dragonica, Elsword, Aura Kingdom, Wonderland Online, Trickster Online, La Tale, S4 League and a lot of console games or apps/flash games. Also read manga and watched anime from time to time.

Few years passed, tried Maple again. Apparently there's a super class for everything. Why the hell do normal classes exist any more? Like seriously lol. Leveled my demon slayer to some pretty high level. High for me anyway. A event came around and I pretty much had to sell my soul to the game to get anything out of it, so I quit pretty much for good after that. I get on maybe once a year to see how much worse it's gotten now, that's about it lmao.

Also I still play a few games mentioned if you guys ever want to give them a try. I play Mabinogi, Minecraft, Osu! and Grand Chase. Very rarely play Trickster Online and Pokemon World Online and hoping Rusty Hearts recovers from its shutdown so I can play that again because that game was awesome. Other than that I just play games on my 3DS and watch anime or read manga. c:

Random side note, I actually knew that Tiger person. It was a shared account actually. I knew 3 of the people who played on it. Mike, Tyler and Gavin. So he wasn't really as amazing as people made him out to be...because he was more than 1 person. ;p


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My Maplestory story Empty Re: My Maplestory story

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