Some Suggestions i have :D

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Some Suggestions i have :D Empty Some Suggestions i have :D

Post by phupham on Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:09 pm

We should have different kinds of boss's in every fm room and room 21 should be pvp so people wouldn't have to click to get in and it would be much easier to do so. Also event wise, we should have a dress up event where if 2 or 3 gm's are on, either one of you give a season or a theme and everyone would have to match the theme as much as possible and the two gm's would have to decide who is the closes one to that theme. Also we should have a npc to buy fame because a lot of people like buying fame just for fun Very Happy

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Haha i dont know that much things only been on for couple of days but fame should depends how much u can make money so probably 100m for 5 fame then 1b is 50 fame Very Happy oh yeah you know how we need a password to go to the boss's map like zkum and stuff iono horntail u need to but before u can get into the boss's map we should have to do a long jump quest like the one in sleepywood the hard one hehe Very Happy Well we can have an event where the gm ask questions and the players should answer them by smeging them out and whoever gets the right answer wins or umm have this jump quest where its required fj and you have to fj point to point like u have to fly around in order to get to that spot....or an event where u have to hit the boxes until u get an item and it should be like if there were 5 people then it should be like 4/40 boxes so 4 people can only when or if there was 8 people then 7/80 boxes Very Happy

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Some Suggestions i have :D Empty Re: Some Suggestions i have :D

Post by flyboy279 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:20 pm

Your 1st Idea is already in the server, we have a PvP Npc in the free market, the little white bear next to spindle on the left. Your 2nd Idea is pretty much done, we have done that event," Dress Up Event", we just dont do it that much because noone asks for it. But your 3rd idea hasnt been added to the server, It is a good idea but how high of the price for fame should it be? Like 500m Per fame?, because if it was any lower it would be too easy for fame. But good preferences anyway.



um idk about those ideas XD

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