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Post by nomin03 on Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:41 am

Hi! Im BlaBla20 my real name is Niki. And i am 15 years old and i really want to be a GM because i like helping people if they need help and making sure that no one is doing something bad or wrong because if they're hacking i would ban them without a warning.

And my email is just in case if you needed it. I also would make the game fun for everyone. And i know that i shouldnt give away free stuff unless they win an event or i accedentilly pick their item up. And i would really want to help this server and make it #1!!! Why i want to be a GM is because I will be responsible (and i am responsible) and I never swear in real life and do what ever it takes to be a GM. And i will help you and the game. And if you need to tell me anything just send an email or tell me in the game. And if i give away stuff for free the fun will be gone and it will be always boring. And if do something wrong i would take my punishment the way im supposed to be punished. I would make events alot like: JQ, T/F, and others. And i also would help the new players and the other players that arent new. I really want to be a GM even if i dont have any GM expierience. And i would restart the server if i need to and if there is a hacker i would ban that hacker and get screenshots for proof. And also i would try to make this server the best server. And i've played Pooms (closed),Bankaistory, and idyllicstory. Oops I also have played LimeMS its a GM server so i guess that means that means that i did have a GM expierience. Sorry that i forgot about it.And i know that GM's have to be responsible. And if i see a hacker i would take screenshots and ban that person. I live in Illinois in Mundelein 60060. And im not sure of the Time zone so ya. I took English classes when i was small so i know alots of English and can talk English properly. I am Interested in this job because I really like helping people. And because Being a GM seems like a fun job to do. How i can help this server is by doing alots of events, helping people, and talking and hanging out with them. And i also would tell them to vote everyday so our server can be #1. My strengh's is playing basketball when i was about 4. And i am great at math, jump quests, and technoligies. My weakness is playing football also playing volleyball and texting on my phone. If i dont get accepted on being a GM i will not quit playing SnS because SnailMS is like the best server i've ever played. ummm i think i downloaded SnailMS about 2 weeks ago and i played first about 1 and a half weeks ago. I will treat everybody nicely. You should pick me as a GM because i am not a liar, not a swearer, not a hacker, im responsible a i tell the truth. Im looking to be in a GM's position. And how we would make this server better is maybe add a little more godly items. And some new chairs and mounts. And maybe even add the job evan. The awards that im looking forward is into being the best GM and helping people no matter what. i really hope that i become a GM. Tnx for your time.

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Post by Andii on Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:52 am

There is a format that you will have to follow.

You have not met some of the requirements, but I wish you the best of luck.

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