Evening. - Diego.

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Evening. - Diego.

Post by Deco34 on Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:04 pm

Why Hello, This is just a short introduction if I am going to do things right,
My name is Declan or IGN: Diego.
I used to play Maple... A-hell of a lot, then I sort of cut it out completely and started to play other games such as G.T.A - SA:MP.
And then I grew tired of that, so I cam back to Maple and tried to find a good Private Server, and I think I have found one here. :]
I am a GFX Artist in my own Right, So if you are in need of Graphics I should be able to oblige myself to the occasion.
I am also an EX-Gm, For many old Private Servers the likes of -
Haruki MS
NewBornStory(Formerly known as - KissMS)
Leaf MS
And also a few smaller ones.
I am quite a mature person, and I live in the United Kingdom, I go to Secondary School, so my life is not dedicated to MapleStory.

P.S I have looked at the Banner for Snail MS.... And if I do say so Myself, It is rather shocking and I will make one when I get the time, in the mean time... Add me Very Happy IGN - Diego And Happy Mapling.

Ciao Ciao For Now Now.


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