Tsubasa's GM App [ Re-New]

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Tsubasa's GM App [ Re-New]

Post by Tsubasa on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:35 am

• Name : Adrian Chia

Do you speak proper English?
Yes i do

Singapore ,GMT + 8.00

• Have you met the requirements?

    (GM Applicants MUST: Be Over the age of 13 and speak proper English. Must be Mature, Loyal, Trustworthy, Active, Friendly, Easy to get along with, Will respect ALL the members of SnailMS, Will not get into arguements, Have played the server for more that 1 week, and must have GM Experience. Failing to meet the Required will not be given any chances of becoming a GM.)
Yes . I believe I met the requirement , But due to arguements . I'd try to avoid it .

• How old are you?
I'm 14 years old this year .

• Tell me about yourself. How would you describe yourself?
I'm a guy who love to joke around
, help others & take job seriously
when I am suppose to .

• Why are you interested in this job?
Because the GMs are currently busy with their real life stuffs or w/e .
I would like to help out the server by my active-ness and experiences .

• How can you help the server?
Do server sweep every 5 ~ 10 minutes
Give ksers warning before jail .
Host event .

• What are your Strengths?
I'm patient , soft- hearted , active & being serious when needed .

• What are your weaknesses? (Dont say nothing. Thats that's not an answer.)

I'm not really good at explaining things . [ Depends ]

• What did you learn from one of your GM experiences?
Not to give hacker a chance .
Do server check every 5 - 10 minutes
Do not give any items to players .
Do not train players
Do not summon any mob for players ( Unless is event )
Do not share account .

• If someone was hacking right in front of you, what would you do?
Take a SS and ban the " someone " I do SS incase that " someone " do a ban appeal ..

•If your GM Application is not accepted, Will you quit SnailMS?


I was once a Trial GM on AngelsDreamMS and became a SuperGM .
for 2 months . and I retired , because my holiday only lasted for 2 months.
And I didn't have enough time to play games .

• What events can you host?
Hide & Seek
Jump Quest
Scavanger Hunt
And others .

• How will you treat other players in the game? Including other GM's.
Like the way Im now .
Treating them like they are my good friends .

• How often will you be on SnailMS?
Depends .
If its holiday/weekends , I can on for 6-14 hours ..
But if its weekdays : 4-6 hours ..

• Why should we pick you?

( This answers is like i am arrogant or cocky .. )
Ok, because i am active & the current SGT GM , Andii is busy with his works ..
And I think 1 SGT gm is not enough :/ ..
Because I do not want any players to be bored .
And Im a active player , Sometimes you might think that i afk much . but Im just staring at the screen .. o_o

• What position are you applying for?
SuperGM .

• What rewards do you look for in this job?

I do not need any rewards .
Being accecpted is already a reward for me .

• Do You have any suggestions on how we could make the server better?

Nope , its fine as the way it is now

• Last words.
I did a new GM app as Andrew told me .
And I did update my applications hoping that I will be accecpted .
Wish me luck ..

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Re: Tsubasa's GM App [ Re-New]

Post by xRageHero on Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:59 am

PICK ADRIAN!!!! ( but dont demote Andii )

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