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Post by calaberx on Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:25 am

Name: Chris

Country/time zone: USA/EST

Do You Speak Proper English?: Yes i speak proper english

How Old Are you?: I am 13yrs old

Tell me about yout self. how would you discribe your self?: I am 13yrs old love to play maple,hockey,and snowboard i would discribe my self as a guy who loves to play maple and does have a life outside of maple i enjoy outdoors activitys and i am a very nice out going person.

Why are you interested in this job?: i am interested in this job because i wana help make the game play better for everyone. i would recruit more people for this private server i wana give suggestions that could help improve this private server. also i think it would be fun to be a GM again.

How can you help this private server?: i can Host more events, help improve the game play, recruit more people for this server by making youtube videos for this pivate server.i could give suggestions to help the server. i would be on daily for 3-4hrs a day so i could host tons of events and really make this server fun for all players.

What are my strenghts?: my strengths are: i recruit more people make this a top private server. i play alot so i can host more events ad improve the game play

What are my weaknesses?: i have none

what did you learn from one of your GM experinces?: i have learned that alot of people like to hack and i will stop them i learned that people love events and i will host tons.

if someone was hacking right infront of you, what would you do?: i would jail them first as a warning if they do it again i will ban them.

if your application is not accepted,will you quit snailMS?: I will be mad but i wont quit te server i still will enjoy it even if im not a GM im going to donate anyway.

Experinces?: my experinces as a GM have been fun ive been a lvl 1,2,and 3 GM in other private servers i have event experinces and video expeinces.

What events can you host?: i can host JPQs Chair events and monster events.

how will you treat other players in the game?, including other GMs?: will treat everyone fairly and other GMs with respect.

How often will you be on SnailMS?: i will be on 3-4hrs a day

Why should we pick you?: you should pick me cause i can recruit people and host lots of events

what positon are you applying for?: i am apllying for a 1-3 GM positon

what rewards do you look for in this job?: i look for the goal of helping people and maybe some better items( forget wt i just said about items if you dont like that)

do you have any suggestions on how we could make this server better?: you could increase the drop rate of tets and put a tet thing in every fm so it makes training a bit easyer for the people who dont donate cause thats the main reason people quit.

Last words?: i would really like to be a GM!


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