ImaNoobOk's GM application

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ImaNoobOk's GM application

Post by BRADYAC on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:26 am

Name - Brady

Country/Timezone - Canada/ Eastern time(us & Canada) -5:00

• Have you met the requitements?
(GM Applicants MUST: Be Over the age of 13 and speak proper English. Must be Mature, Loyal, Trustworthy, Active, Friendly, Easy to get along with, Will respect ALL the members of SnailMS, Will not get into arguements, Have played the server for more that 1 week, and must have GM Experience. Failing to meet the Required will not be given any chances of becoming a GM.)

Yes I have met the code I am over 13 I speak proper English. I am mature, Loyal, Trustworthy, Active, Friendly and easy to get along with. I respect all members of SnailMS and I do not get into arguments. I have played SnailMS for along time and I have plenty GM/Game owner experience.

Do you speak proper Enligsh - Yes, I do.

How old are you? - I am 15 years old.

Describe myself - I love to play maplestory private servers. I am kind, trustworthy, loyal and always happy.

Why are you interested in the job - I am inderested in this job because I want to be able to host some events and help all the newbies that join the server. I want to be a person who can help out others in the server with any problems or questions. I can help keep hackers off and advertisers etc away.

How can I help the server - I can help all the noobs with there problems and questions, I can give ideas to make the server better, I can advertise with videos, I can host events and make the game more fun Very Happy .

What are my strengths - I think my strengths would be my experience of being a Gm on other servers and being the owner of a server. These have taught me many things of how to handle certain situations and how to overall be a good Gm.

What are my weaknessess - my weakness is that I dont really know how to code but I can possibly learn if I had to.

What have I learned from past gm experiences - I have learned alot about how to help people learn the server and how to handle certain people. I have also learned how to stop beggers and hackers. I also have learned how to host events. I know everything about being a GM.

If someone was hacking in front of me what would I do - First I would give them a warning to stop hacking. Then I would go into hide and follow them around and if they continue to hack I will bann them ASAP. Hackers are not allowed on this server and I will do my best to keep them away.

If my gm app is not accpeted will I continue to play - If I got denied I would deffinatley still pay this server. So far from what I have played it is a very awesome server and I would not quit.

Experiences - I have been a gm on a few servers before and I have also been an owner of my server. I have many experiences being a gm. I have also been playing maplestory for about 5 years so I know all about it and I am not a newbie. Smile

what events can I host - I can host Jq's, Hide and seek, etc. I can host any events just tell me how to do them and I will be goood.

How will I treat others including gms? - I will treat others with respect and kindness. I will always be availible to help others and make sure they get the full experience of SnailMS. I will listen to what they have to say and do my best the help them at al times. For gms I will treat them the same with no disrespect.

how often will I play - Since school is out now I can play everyday all day sometimes. I will be very active.

Why should you pick me - I think you should pick me for the reasons that I have good experience being a Gm already, I am nice, loyal, and always wanting to help, I am very active, I can advertise and overall I think I can help the server become more popular.

Do I look for any rewards in this job - Yes and no. Everyone in my opinion wants to be a gm for the item spawns and so on and it is one of the reasons I want to be a gm, for the power but I also want to be a gm to help this server overal become one of the best on the internet Cool I also want to help people who need help and show the what they need to know. Lastly I want to host fun events for the players.

Do I have any suggestions to make this server better - Not at the moment but in the future as a gm I will start thinking about some things the server could use.

Last words - Thank you for readin my Gm application and I hope you consider choosing me to be a Gm. Ill see you on Very Happy


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