How to donate.

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How to donate.

Post by Andrew on Mon May 17, 2010 11:05 pm

Donate With Paypal

Donate here.

After you are on that page, Click this button.

Go ahead and enter your ammount and then click confirm. After that, Save your Transaction ID. You can see it after you donated.

After you donate, please make a thread in this section that includes the following items:
1.Your transaction ID
(If you don't know where your transaction ID is, look at the picture above)

2.The Account ID AND the In-Game ID you are donating for.
Note: If you are gifting an item to someone, say its a gift.

3.The items you would like to have
Note: Please be sure to put the prices next to each item you'd like.
Ex: Max Stat Item $20.00

4.What time are you usually on? What Time-Zone?

Be sure to double check the items you want to receive before you actually post what items you want.
They WILL NOT be changed if you list the wrong item.

Donations do not stack. If you donated 40$ then donate 85$, You will not get the GM Status.
If you donated 15$ you will only get the custom training map. Not everything under it.

Thanks for helping the server.


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