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Teddy's GM app

Post by whitezx on Sat Apr 03, 2010 1:44 pm

my Name is Brendon
Singapore/+8.00 time zone
I speak proper english
i am 16 years old this year
i wan to be a gm so that i can know more people and help more people
i can help the server by calling more people to play in SnailMs
if there was a hacker infront of me i would report him to the GM
if my GM application is not accepted i will not quit SnailMs
Coding items ex. Devil equips
i can host Trivia event and Hide and seek
i will treat all the players kindly including GM because i am Kind i dun like wars
i will be on SnailMs for 3-4 days every week
u can pick me because i am friendly and understanding
u can improve on the server by adding some Devil item ex. Devil Fury Stars Devil Claw Devil Bow Weapon attack are all above 900 and 50 slots for upgrading
I will not regret if u do not choose me as a GM

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