Nameless GM apps

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Nameless GM apps

Post by NameIess on Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:13 am

• Name

• Country/TimeZone

• Have you met the requitements?
Yes but i played SnailMS a long time ago with other acc. In this acc i didnt play 1week.

• Do you speak proper English?

• How old are you?

• Why do you want to be a GM?
I want to be a GM becouse i like hosting events, I want to make the server bigger and a btter place for fun.

• How can you help the server?
I can make video for youtube of the server, help players, host alot of events and watch out from hackers.

• If someone was hacking right in front fo you, what would you do?
First, ill go to hide mode to make sure he hacks and then ill take a screen shot and ban him.

•If your GM Application is not accepted, Will you quit SnailMS?

• Experiences?
Yes, Iv'e been a lvl 4GM on affnityMS and lvl 3GM on MoodStory and on LoveStory.

• What events can you host?
I can host hide and seek, find the GM, Jump quest, T/F And dressing up event.

• How will you treat other players in the game? Including other GM's.
Vey nicely, i wont be rude to the players and other gms and i will help the players if they need my help.l

• How often will you be on SnailMS?
I will be online every day and playing 3 - 4 hours every day.

• Why should we pick you?
I know all the GM commands, GM rules, Player rules, I have a GM handbook and I can be a great GM.

• Do You have any suggestions on how we could make the server better? (adding items into shops etc.)
Yes, I think you can add FM mobs.

• Last words
My Email :


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