aster21's GM application

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aster21's GM application

Post by kingdomdude1 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:47 pm

• Name

• Country/TimeZone

• Have you met the requitements?

• Do you speak proper English?

• How old are you?
13(14 in about 2 weeks)

• Why do you want to be a GM?
i like helping servers out

• How can you help the server?
i can edit codes of already available scripts and help new players when they ask

• If someone was hacking right in front fo you, what would you do?
i would either:
1.ban them on sight if it was a really bad hack
2.if it was a little hack(like sitting without a chair) id tell them to not do it again(if they do again i instant ban)

•If your GM Application is not accepted, Will you quit SnailMS?
depends how often people will be on and i would still help players if i werent a GM
• Experiences?
ive worked on kanerms,markms,jackms,sydneyms,rebirthms,fallen angelsms,rebirthms,alwaysperfectms,and darkwingsms(owned by me)

• What events can you host?
anything pretty much

• How will you treat other players in the game? Including other GM's.
id treat them with respect unless they are rude

• How often will you be on SnailMS?
probably about 2-5 hours a day and like 9 on weekends

• Why should we pick you?
i have worked on many private servers and i have a lot of experience as a traveling gm for hire

• Do You have any suggestions on how we could make the server better? (adding items into shops etc.)
maybe u can work on customs,it would make it unique

• Last words.
if u accept me u wont have any worries


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