Hey its Me...Albert

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Hey its Me...Albert

Post by FameMehLoLXD on Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:30 am

Hey um... well sum od u proly alredy no me but havent said hi so umm... hi


i like to read manga when im rly bored

i like to watch tv mostly i watch degrassi,the 70's show,and aloooot of moviesXD HBO FTW

i like to go to the mall wit my sis cuz anyone else i go with always gets to caught up in a store and never gets out

i like music aloot, i dont like or dot like any type of music i listen to all kinds as long as its gud then i like it,BTW any songs u prefer cuz jus got my ipod touch and only putting songs on it for a week or 2 then ill be to lazy to put more

i like girls...OBVIOUSLY<<


i hate fake people no point in acting like something ur not cuz nothing will come from it

i hate haterz...aliteration nyway u shudnt be jealus of someone that u think is beter than u jus try to be better than dem... if its possible

i hate commercials cuz everytime the show is gettin gud a commercial comes on to ruin a other 5min of ur life

i hate braggers cuz noone rly cares well idk bout other people but i dont care u can be rich or got something new but im sorry if u dont hav enough self control to keep it to urself

i hate people who make other people feel like shizz(dont no if i can say it so yea) i mean like damim sorry u have notin better to do but if u need sumthin to do then go jump off a bridge

i hate skool ... point blank

if u need to no more den umm im albert im 14 and in 8th grade

if u dont like nything i sayin then get off cuz its still gona be here

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Re: Hey its Me...Albert

Post by bugy24 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:23 pm

LOL. Hi. XD (Not much to say but hi, Lol.)


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